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Will getting BOTOX and Restylane make me look worse when they wear off?

Let’s clear up this misconception right away: as the effects of your treatment begin to wear off after several months, your face will slowly regain the looks it had immediately before your treatment, but there is no evidence that Restylane and BOTOX treatments will make you look worse.  The only change is that you looked better for 4 months in the case of BOTOX and over a year in the case of Restylane.  They have very few side effects, which are generally mild anyway.  If you aren’t happy with your results then simply don’t return for re-treatment and you will return to exactly what you used to look like.

Botox Before & After Photos

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Are the scary stories I’ve heard true?

A lot of people are apprehensive when it comes to receiving cosmetic treatments.  With all the media scares, rumors about celebrity BOTOX disasters, and misinformation abound, it can be a challenge to sort the truth from the hype.  It can be even more of a challenge to separate an extremely rare risk from typical outcomes.  For example, an unusual story of something that happened one time may technically be an accurate story, but it ventures into dishonesty as soon as it’s misrepresented as a typical event.  In the cases of BOTOX and Restylane, it’s true that in rare cases there can be side effects that are usually mild and not long-lasting, but if you are thinking of a particular public face that just hasn’t been the same in years, then you probably aren’t looking at before and after photos of Restylane and BOTOX, as these treatments wear off over time.  It is treatments like silicone oil, excessive surgery, and simply the ravages of excessive lifestyles that create long term damage to the faces of our celebrities.

People love to talk about dramatic, dangerous situations.  But the truth is, BOTOX and Restylane have an incredibly safe history with results that aren’t permanent.

How will BOTOX and Restylane change my face?

Treatments like BOTOX and Restylane are popular because they are noninvasive treatments that together can smooth wrinkles, relax tense muscles, and fill in hollow areas.  They are remarkably safe and, since they aren’t permanent, create a win-win situation.  If you are happy with your BOTOX or Restylane treatment, touch-up the treatment when need.  If you are not thrilled, let it wear off and move on to something else.  Sometimes we hear patients ask questions like, does BOTOX make wrinkles worse?  Sometimes they express concern about what happens after Restylane injections wear off.

We cannot emphasize enough that BOTOX and Restylane will not permanently alter your looks.  BOTOX is a naturally-occuring muscle relaxant compound, and Restylane is made from a biodegradable sugar-gel that occurs naturally in the body.  Both of these are eventually broken down and expelled from your body completely.  You’ll notice as this happens that your wrinkles will slowly return.  They may stand out to you after months of looking much better, in some cases, fantastic, but if you look at photos of yourself from before treatment, you will see that your problems have not been made worse by treatment.  You are simply getting your old face back.  Will this make you feel like you need more treatment-absolutely because these treatments are truly effective.

In the short run, BOTOX and Restylane will give you a youthful appearance and resolve many problems.  In the long run, BOTOX and Restylane will not affect your looks after you allow their effects to wear off.  A difference between BOTOX and Restylane is that BOTOX treatments are generally needed twice a year, while Restylane is needed once a year.  Most patients opt for retreatment when they see their old problems beginning to return.  This will maintain the natural-looking results gained from treatment.

Can BOTOX and Restylane prevent problems?

We are often asked questions like, can BOTOX prevent wrinkles?  We know that BOTOX does not aggravate wrinkles or make them worse in the long run.  We also know that the face is subject to gravity and general usage as we age, and that wrinkles can be caused by tense muscles.  When these overactive muscles relax, as they do in response to BOTOX, the skin is no longer constantly being creased.  This is similar to a folded piece of cloth; if you take a wrinkle-free piece of cloth and fold it over, then bring it back, you’ll see that it doesn’t “remember” the fold and is not wrinkled.  However, if you fold that same piece of cloth and place it under a book overnight, it will have a set crease when you come back to it.  When BOTOX and Restylane dissipate wrinkles, they are keeping the skin taut so it doesn’t “remember” those problems that BOTOX and Restylane prevent.

The Bottom Line

When Restylane and BOTOX wear off, you will look exactly as you did before treatment, although 6 to 16 months older.  You will not look worse as a result of Restylane or BOTOX wearing off.  If anything, you may have delayed the aging process.  It is understandable why people maintain treatment effects by refreshing their service when the feel it is necessary

An Individual Treatment Program

Now that you’ve done some research on BOTOX and Restylane treatments, you’re ready to take the next step: research a doctor who can answer the rest of your questions and decide if treatment is right for you.  Dr. Steinsapir specializes in cosmetic facial treatments like Restylane and BOTOX in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.  Dr. Steinsapir is a leader in facial cosmetic treatments and has innovated advanced treatments like Deepfill Restylane and Microdroplet BOTOX.  Call us today to find out how Dr. Steinsapir can individualize your treatment plan.

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